Monday 13 September

1330-1415: Registration and Coffee, Senate Chamber LG101

1415-1530: Plenary I, Senate Chamber LG101

Michael O’Brien, Cambridge University, “American Intellectual History: Past and Prospect”.

1530-1600: Coffee, Senate Chamber, LG101

1600-1730: Session I

Panel I – Ideas and U.S. Foreign Policy, LG11

Comment: Christopher Phelps

Chair: Keith Nottle

Luke Middup, University of Nottingham, “The Intellectual History of America’s Wars in Iraq”

Andras Szalai, Central European University, Budapest, “Speaking ‘Fail-Safe’: The Discursive Influence of Ideas in Nuclear Strategy”

Nick Witham, University of Nottingham, “Periodising the 80s: The Roots of Opposition to U.S. Foreign Policy in Central America”

Panel II – Social Justice and Diversity, A46

Comment: Celeste-Marie Bernier

Chair: Ian Evans

Michael Collins, University of Nottingham, “‘Manacled’ to Identity: Stephen Crane, Franz Boas and Social Justice in the Gilded Age”

Jacquelynne Modeste, Independent Scholar, “The Power of Choice: Albert Murray and the Alignment of Literary Ancestors”

Madalina Stalniceanu, University of Nottingham, “The Henry Louis Gates Incident and ‘Postracial’ Politics in Contemporary America”

1730-1900: Drinks reception, Senate Chamber LG101

1900-Close: Dinner (optional, to be paid for by delegates)

Tuesday 14 September

0845-0915: Coffee, Senate Chamber LG101

0915-1030: Plenary II, Senate Chamber LG101

Jennifer Ratner-Rosenhagen, University of Wisconsin-Madison, “Thinking About American Thinking”

1040-1150: Session II

Panel I – Historians and Historiography, LG11

Comment: Robin Vandome

Chair: Nick Witham

Sam James, Cambridge University, “J.G.A. Pocock’s American History and the Contexts of Intellectual Historiography”

Ian Gwinn, University of Warwick, “A Poetics of Historiography: William A. Williams’s Radical Political Aesthetic”

Panel II – Landscapes and Urban Geography, A46

Comment: John Fagg

Chair: Tim Foster

Mark Storey, University of Nottingham, “Imagining the Landscapes of the Future: Nineteenth Century American Utopias and the Pre-History of Architectural Modernism”

Richard Martin, London Consortium, “The Plot Against American Cities: Urban Decline and the Cinema of David Lynch”

1200-1300: Lunch, Senate Chamber LG101

1300-1430: Early Career Publishing Roundtable, LG11

Chair: Theo Sweeting

Matthew Frost, head of editorial and commissioning editor for the humanities at Manchester University Press.

Sharon Monteith, professor of American Studies, University of Nottingham, who edits a series of monographs, and has edited academic journals, collections and an encyclopedia.

John Fagg, Lecturer in American Literature, University of Nottingham, who has recently had his PhD thesis published by University of Alabama Press as On the Cusp: Stephen Crane, George Bellows and Modernism (2009).

1440-1610: Session III

Panel I – Literary Intellects, LG11

Comment: Richard King

Chair: Rachel Walls

Matthias Freidank, LudwigMaximiliansUniversität, Munich, “Shame, Masculinity and the Struggle for Recognition: A Dialogue between Axel Honneth and Richard Wright”

Adam Kelly, University College, Dublin, “Sincerity Old and New: Trilling, Mills and American Literature”

Ian Evans, University of Nottingham, “‘How did you get to be you?’ Amiri Baraka and the Paradox of Consistency”

Panel II – Women and Work, A46

Comment: Peter Ling

Chair: Zalfa Feghali

Rachel Williams, University of Nottingham, “‘We have our rights, and if asserted properly will get them’: How the American Civil War Made Nursing Acceptable”

Hannah Durkin, University of Nottingham, “Dance Anthropology, Black Female Bodies and the Art of Katherine Dunham”

Panel III – Republicanism, Liberalism and Individualism, Senate Chamber LG101

Comment: Matthew Pethers

Chair: Hannah Hawkins

Markus Kantola, University of Turku, Finland, “The ‘Progressive’ Label in American Political History”

Alex Goodall, University of York, “Republicanism, Voluntarism and Vigilantism in the Fight against the Red Menace, 1917-1932”

George Scratcherd, Oxford University, “Isabel Paterson, Conservatism and Libertarianism”

1610-1630: Coffee, Senate Chamber LG101

1630-1800: “Ideas and Ideology in American History” Roundtable, Senate Chamber LG101

Chair: Nick Witham

Michael O’Brien, Cambridge University

John Ashworth, University of Nottingham

Richard King, University of Nottingham

Christopher Phelps, University of Nottingham

Jennifer Ratner-Rosenhagen, University of Wisconsin-Madison

1800: Close

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